Eccleshall, Staffordshire

Eccleshall is a lovely country town with historic buildings.

Located on five main roads in central Staffordshire which can lead some interesting places such as The Potteries, Trentham Gardens, Shugborough Estate, The Wedgewood Visitor Centre and Cannock Chase.

The town is small but lovely with its mainly 18th & 19th Century buildings, small boutique shops and some great little restaurants, pubs and cafes. Eccleshall is very laid back and has a gentle atmosphere.

The town has won many awards for its floral displays. In July they do Eccleshall Festival which is an open garden weekend where you can go into the residents gardens who are very proud of their personal space. During this time there is a Victorian Street Market with is the highlight of the festival.

The landscape surrounding Eccleshall is farmed with lovely green fields, many of the local farmers do B&B.