Elmore Park, Staffordshire

Elmore Park in Rugeley is a great place to escape from it all. It has wonderful walks, trees, wildlife, a Pets Corner and a pool. There are some lovely picnic areas ideal for lunch to take in the calm atmosphere.

It is a great place for children with a fabulous play areas which consists of a water fountain play feature, a climbing wall, and a safe fenced area for smaller children which has a variety of things to do including swings, slides and climbing.

Originally it was part of the Hagley Estate and the island in the middle of the pool is understood to be the location of the Hall which no longer exists. The hall was built using 100 oak trees.

The park was opened in 1960, it was purchased by the council to create the park. It has been used for musical festivals and various events over the years.

In the 1990's the park was updated with a new Pets Corner for the parks assortment of animals and birds, including rabbits, guinea pigs, small finches and canaries, parakeets, an assortment of chickens and fowl and of course, the popular peacock who delights children with his bright fan tail.

The park is in Elmore Lane, across the road from the bus station. All in all a great place to visit.